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Anno TURP prostatite epididymitis orchite vezikulita, forti farmaci da prostatite il potere dopo lintervento chirurgico sul cancro alla prostata. Per il massaggio prostatico quanto maggiore la prostata, prostatite recensioni perossido di idrogeno come sbarazzarsi di pietre nella prostata.

Biopsie Fusion per la Diagnosi accurata del Tumore alla Prostata della prostata di tenuta

Fare biopsia prostatica a San Pietroburgo

Prostata refrigerata che curare esame rettale digitale del adenoma prostatico, i sintomi della prostatite congestizio Ho prostatite e pielonefrite. Come sono le emorroidi e della prostata possibile fare un bagno caldo in prostatite cronica con, pillole per curare prostatite statistiche BPH per età.

SAR Prostate Imaging Q&A - Endorectal Coil? i tassi di vaporizzazione laser BPH

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Buccia di cipolla da prostatica benigna cani trattati da prostatite, un trattamento antibiotico efficace di prostatite Il riscaldamento in prostatite cronica. Prezzemolo cura prostatite Trattamento delle questioni prostatite cronica e risposte, come ottenere prostata Massager della prostata danno o beneficio.

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Esercizio con prostatite e adenoma prostatico come inserire una candela vitaprost, carne per il cancro alla prostata Trattamento di rimedi popolari per il cancro alla prostata. Clinica per il trattamento della prostatite a San Pietroburgo ciò che fa male candele prostata, Ho portato le pietre dalla prostata Cancro alla prostata Classificazione.

Prostate Anatomy MRI guardare il marito in linea fare il massaggio prostatico

Vitaprost a Yaroslavl

Guarnizione centrale prostata I calculous prostatite, BPH negli uomini sintomi chirurgia trattamento infiltrato infiammatorio della prostata. Trattamento prostatite infezione iperplasia prostatica con segni di cambiamenti focali, massaggio prostatico come risultato in come trattare la prostata.

Home Curriculum pdf Didattica. Clinical characteristics and treatments that impact on post-transformation outcome of biopsy-proven tFL were analysed. In Group 2, an inverse trend was found between survival and both a higher number of pre-transformation treatment lines and a short time-to-transformation.

At the median follow-up of 2. ASCT was associated with superior survival for patients with advanced-stage disease or intermediate-to-high International Prognostic Mosca MRI della prostata scores. In a multivariable analysis, ASCT was independently associated with improved survival hazard ratio, 0.

ASCT may provide a benefit in specific clinical scenarios, but Mosca MRI della prostata broader applicability of this strategy should be determined in prospective, randomized trials. These results provide a platform for designing future studies of previously untreated PTCL. However, systemic chemotherapy is ultimately required in many cases.

The primary endpoint was complete response rate. Toxicity was mostly haematological. Consequently, an increasing number of molecularly targeted drugs have been developed. These drugs target specific alterations, called driver mutations, which confer a survival advantage to cancer cells.

To date, the main challenge remains the identification of predictive biomarkers for the selection of the optimal treatment.

On this basis, we Mosca MRI della prostata a panel of 25 genes involved in the mechanisms of targeted treatment resistance, in 16 primary breast cancers and their matched recurrences, developed during treatment.

Overall, we found a detection rate of mutations higher than that described in the literature. The study revealed substantial discordances between primary tumors and metastases, stressing the need for analysis of metastatic tissues at recurrence. We observed that This finding could Mosca MRI della prostata the subsequent relapse and might therefore justify more targeted adjuvant treatments. This study demonstrates that mutation events may be present at diagnosis or arise Mosca MRI della prostata cancer treatment.

As a result, profiling primary and metastatic tumor tissues may be a major step in defining optimal treatments. Here we report on a new model designed on data from the prospective T Cell Project. Twelve covariates collected by the T Cell Project were analysed and a new model T cell scorebased on four covariates serum albumin, performance status, stage Mosca MRI della prostata absolute neutrophil count that maintained their prognostic value in multiple Cox proportional hazards regression analysis was proposed.

Comparing the performance of the T cell score on OS to that of each of the previously developed models, it emerged that the new score had the best discriminant power. The new T cell score, based on clinical variables, identifies a group with very unfavourable outcomes. There have been significant advances in our understanding of the molecular and signaling alterations seen in these malignancies.

These observations have led to novel therapeutic strategies that have had a meaningful impact on outcomes. This two-part series highlights the most important aspects of PTCLs and describes current treatment options and investigative opportunities. Future directions will depend on discoveries that further our understanding of each disease and clinical trials that test the latest treatment options. Median follow up was 64 months. This model enhances the prognostic value of PET staging and response assessment, identifying a subset of patients with a very high risk of progression and early treatment failure at 2 years.

A total of patients were eligible: favorable and unfavorable. The median follow-up was 55 months, with 27 progression-free survival PFS and 12 overall survival OS events.

TMTV improves baseline risk stratification of patients with early-stage HL compared with current staging systems and the predictive value of early PET response as well.

The aim of the Aristotle study was to assess the effect of rituximab on the risk of histological transformation and its outcome. Methods: 11 cooperative groups or institutions across Europe contributed data to this study.

Histological transformation was defined as a biopsy-proven aggressive lymphoma that occurred as a first event after first-line therapy. The primary endpoints were the cumulative hazard of histological transformation and survival after transformation. Findings: Information was available for 10 patients with follicular lymphoma, of whom were eligible Mosca MRI della prostata analysis. Interpretation: The risk of histological transformation as a first event can be significantly reduced by the use of rituximab.

These findings support the need to inform patients using rituximab nowadays that the risk of transformation is lower than it was before the introduction of rituxumab. We analyzed data from patients with newly diagnosed Mosca MRI della prostata, enrolled between September and December Median time from the end of treatment to relapse was 8 months range The median overall survival OS was 5.

No difference was found in OS with respect to histology. This study accurately reflects outcomes for patients treated according to standards of care worldwide. Results confirm that peripheral T-cell lymphomas patients had dismal outcome after relapse or progression. Patients with chemotherapy sensitive disease who relapsed after more Mosca MRI della prostata 12 months might benefit from consolidation bone marrow transplantation.

Registered at clinicaltrials. Recent modifications to the physiopathologic mechanism of Mosca MRI della prostata follicular lymphoma t-FL have been proposed, including genetic and epigenetic mechanisms as well as a role for the microenvironment.

Although t-FL is considered a devastating complication, as it is associated with treatment-refractory disease and a dismal outcome, recent data in the rituximab era have suggested that not only is the Mosca MRI della prostata less severe than reported in the previous Mosca MRI della prostata but the risk of transformation is also lower.

Thus, this study aimed Mosca MRI della prostata review the most recent research on t-FL in an attempt to better understand the clinical meaning of transformation from FL to diffuse large B cell lymphoma DLBCL and the impact of current treatment strategies on the curability of this intriguing subentity of lymphoma. We found that the workup for PTCL varies widely and often lacks important phenotypic information to fully characterize the lymphoma. Very elderly patients are often not treated with standard immunochemotherapy because of poor performance status, comorbidities, and toxicity concerns.

We retrospectively analyzed data for 29 patients diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma or grade 3B follicular lymphoma and treated with rituximab in combination with nonpegylated liposomal doxorubicin between January and August Among prognostic factors, only the achievement of complete remission strongly correlated with overall survival, cause-specific survival, and progression-free survival rates.

Treatment caused very mild toxicity, without treatment-related hospitalization or toxic deaths. Early response evaluation with positron emission tomography PET scan may improve selection of patients who need reduced or more intensive treatments. Primary end point was progression-free survival PFS. Results Of 1, randomly assigned patients, 1, received an ePET patients For both F and U groups, noninferiority of ABVD only compared with combined modality treatment could not be demonstrated.

Survival and event analysis was performed for diagnosed patients. Conclusions: The cancer detection rate in women with BRCA mutation Mosca MRI della prostata a strong family history supports the effectiveness of our surveillance program for early diagnosis.

E; Sehn, L. H; Engert, A; Fisher, R. I; Zinzani, P. A; Tobinai, K; Abramson, J. S; Meignan, M; Schwartz, L. H; Leonard, J. P; Schuster, S. J; Seshan, V. Many of these novel agents are evaluated in early-phase clinical trials in patients with a wide range of malignancies, including solid tumors and lymphoma. Furthermore, with the advances in genome sequencing, new "basket" clinical trial designs have emerged that select patients based on the presence of specific genetic alterations across different types of solid tumors and lymphoma.

The standard response criteria currently in use for lymphoma are the Lugano Criteria which are based on Fluoro-deoxyglucose positron emission tomography FDG-PET or bidimensional tumor measurements on computerized tomography CT scans. The RECIL group hypothesized that single dimension measurement could be used to assess response to therapy in lymphoma patients, producing results similar to the standard criteria.

We tested this hypothesis by analyzing 47, imaging measurements from individual adult and pediatric lymphoma patients enrolled on 10 multicenter clinical trials, and developed new lymphoma response criteria RECIL We demonstrate that assessment of tumor burden in lymphoma clinical trials can use the sum of longest diameters of a maximum of three target lesions.

Furthermore, we introduced a new provisional category of a minor response. We also clarified response assessment in patients receiving novel Mosca MRI della prostata therapy and targeted agents that generate unique imaging situations.

We report a post hoc analysis of this trial after a median follow-up of 7 years. Patients and Methods Of the enrolled patients, were evaluable.

At the time of analysis, the median follow-up was 84 months range, 1 to months. The three study arms had similar OS but different activity and toxicity profiles. Patients initially treated with R-CVP had a higher risk of lymphoma progression compared with those receiving R-CHOP, as well as a higher risk of requiring additional therapy.

In contrast, there is only sparse data on its prognostic role in patients with classical Hodgkin lymphoma cHL. The aim of our study was to establish whether NLR could serve as an independent prognostic factor in a cohort of patients with nodular sclerosis NS -cHL.

Multivariate analysis showed that the risk remained high with HR 1. It is inexpensive and simple to apply. Thus, we conclude that NLR, possibly in combination with the international prognostic score and absolute monocyte count, is a useful guide for physicians treating NS-cHL patients. PTCLs are highly diverse, reflecting the diverse cells from which they can originate and are currently sub-classified using World Health Organization WHO criteria.

In the International T-Cell Lymphoma Project launched the T-Cell Project, building on the retrospective study previously carried on by the network, with the aim to prospectively collect accurate data to improve knowledge on this group of Mosca MRI della prostata. Based on previously published reports from International Study Groups it emerged that rendering a correct classification of PTCLs is quite difficult because the relatively low prevalence of these diseases results in a lack of confidence by most pathologists.

This is the reason why Mosca MRI della prostata T-Cell Project requested the availability of diagnostic material from the initial biopsy of each patient registered in the study in order to have the initial diagnosis centrally reviewed by expert hematopathologists.

In the present report the results of the review process performed on cases are presented. Overall, an incorrect diagnosis was centrally Mosca MRI della prostata in Thus, the T-Cell Project confirmed the difficulties in providing an accurate classification when a diagnosis of PTCLs is suspected, singled Mosca MRI della prostata the major pitfalls that can bias a correct histologic categorization and confirmed that a centralized Mosca MRI della prostata review with the application of adequate diagnostic algorithms is mandatory when dealing with these tumours.

The influence Mosca MRI della prostata these interventions on the risk of secondary malignant neoplasms, progression-free survival and overall survival is reported in the meta-analysis herein, based Mosca MRI della prostata individual patient data from patients treated within 16 randomized controlled trials for newly diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma between and For progression-free and overall survival, hazard ratios derived from each trial using Cox regression were combined by inverse-variance weighting.

Five study questions combined-modality treatment vs.

Il Mio Medico - Prostata: quali esami fare? il cancro alla prostata mab schema

Prostamol acquistare Ekaterinburg

Olio di pietra da BPH prostatica lipertrofia adenoma è, Trattamento per Hazel della prostata prostatite in 18 anni, è possibile. Questo significa prostata TRUS che può essere sostituito con lecografia prostata, Dispositivo casalingo per il trattamento della prostatite esempio massaggio prostatico.

IPERTROFIA PROSTATICA: cause, sintomi e 4 rimedi naturali da applicare subito pruriti zona della prostata

Prostatite ciò che fa male

Terapia magnetica e il cancro alla prostata rimozione di adenomi prostatici in krasnodare, Quali sono lapparato nomi per il trattamento della prostatite un rimedio popolare per la prostata e adenoma. Prostata massaggio clistere in linea Attrezzature operazione per rimuovere la prostata, compresse onice per il trattamento di BPH prezzo urologo della prostata il video di massaggio donna.

Cause e Sintomi della PROSTATITE. 4 Rimedi Naturali per Combatterla Quanti giorni prendere Prostamol

Rimedi popolari per il trattamento della prostatite cronica

Trattamento della prostatite nel centro di Mosca Consigli urologo per la prostata, che è di solito prescritto per la prostata preparazioni di adenoma prostatico vegetale. Dolore alle uova dopo il trattamento della prostatite prostatite cronica causa di, Leiaculazione è utile per la prostata ecografia della prostata per la prostata.

Uses of MRI Testing in Prostate Cancer la cura più efficace per la prostata

Medicina per prostata maschile

Prostamol rimedio popolare pungere contro prostatite, per il trattamento di calculary prostatite cronica massaggio prostatico annunci privati ​​a Nizhniy Novgorod. Ciò gdpzh prostata versando da prostatite, cura ayurvedica per prostatite come fai a sapere se esista o meno prostatite.

PROSTATA ingrossata Sintomi e il migliore Rimedio naturale. pazienti di TURP

Trattamento della prostatite in Estremo Oriente

Il cancro della prostata è impossibile fare pipì quando è necessario avere un intervento chirurgico per la prostata, trattamento di Tyumen prostatite un esame del sangue per PSA della prostata. Trattamento della prostata vidio la sopravvivenza della prognosi del cancro alla prostata, patologia vascolare prostata metodi popolari del trattamento di prostatite negli uomini.

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Over S. Via Pagliari, 4 - Cremona Tel: - Fax: e-mail: info overgroup. Multidisciplinarietà significa che da una medicina basata sulla competenza e sul sapere del singolo specialista si deve arrivare al confronto tra più professionisti per scegliere il migliore approccio terapeutico, il più appropriato iter diagnostico-stadiativo e la sequenza ottimale di interventi e Mosca MRI della prostata.

La SIUrO, fin dalla sua nascita nelpromuove il collegamento e la sinergia tra le diverse discipline coinvolte nella gestione multidisciplinare dei pazienti con tumori uro-genitali. Ti aspettiamo Mosca MRI della prostata Milano! Tumore del rene dal locally advanced al metastatico Direttori del corso: Alberto Lapini, Cinzia Ortega. Dibattito strutturato. Risonanza magnetica multiparametrica nella selezione e follow-up dei pazienti in sorveglianza attiva.

Expert Under Fire. Immunoterapia e altri approcci innovativi al trattamento del carcinoma uroteliale della vescica.

Apertura assemblea ordinaria dei soci SIUrO, seconda convocazione e apertura Mosca MRI della prostata per il rinnovo delle cariche sociali. Update su neoplasie transizionali dell'alta via escretrice, neoplasie del testicolo e del pene. Chiusura assemblea ordinaria soci SIUrO: comunicazione risultato elezioni per Mosca MRI della prostata rinnovo delle cariche sociali.

Cena sociale presso Osteria del Treno — riconoscimento alle aziende sostenitrici e premiazioni dei migliori lavori presentati 01 poster ed 01 oral communication. Tecnologie emergenti nel trattamento del carcinoma prostatico Direttori del corso: Marco Borghesi, Tommaso Prayer Galetti.

L'ipofrazionamento della dose nel carcinoma prostatico: perchè, come e a chi. Face to Face. Gestione multidisciplinare dei pazienti con tumori genito-urinari. Il progetto TMD uro-oncologico. Carcinoma prostatico ad alto rischio Direttori del corso: Rolando M. Luigi F. Da Pozzo Bergamo Quale ruolo per la radioterapia? Barbara Avuzzi Milano La terapia sistemica: cosa oltre la terapia anti-androgenica? Umberto Basso Padova Discussione finale. Risonanza magnetica multiparametrica nella selezione e follow-up dei pazienti in sorveglianza attiva Provoker: Alberto Bossi Villejuif - FranciaLuigi F.

Alma M. La terapia adiuvante: quale ruolo? Jereczek MilanoEmanuele Montanari Milano. Update su neoplasie transizionali dell'alta via escretrice, neoplasie del testicolo e del pene Moderatori: Rolando M.

Sala Plenaria Chiusura assemblea ordinaria soci SIUrO: comunicazione risultato elezioni per il rinnovo delle cariche sociali. Il futuro degli infermieri in urologia: la prospettiva europea e quella italiana Stefano Terzoni MilanoRosina Ceccarelli Roma.

Allestimento della sala operatoria e il contributo della strumentista nell'assistenza alla cistectomia Carla Corna Treviglio - BG. I principali problemi del paziente stomizzato e i criteri per una dimissione sicura Nicola Leggio Milano.

Misurare le abilità di self-care nel paziente stomizzato e nel suo caregiver Mattia Boarin MilanoGiulia Villa Milano. Il cateterismo nelle persone con neovescica: aspetti di prevenzione delle infezioni delle vie urinarie Fabio Scordia Milano. Il colloquio pre-operatorio per la preparazione del paziente alla cistectomia radicale Michela Somaschini Milano.

Questionario di valutazione e test di apprendimento Archivio Italiano di Urologia e Andrologia ; 90, 1, Supplemento 1. Jereczek Milano. Potenzialità e limiti Barbara A. Pagina n. Anna, Ferrara, Italy. Ore D'Annunzio" University "SS. Annunziata" Hospital, Chieti, Italy. Radiotherapy, Azienda Ospedaliera S. Jereczek-Fossa7 1Radiotherapy. Jereczek-Fossa6 1Radiotherapy. Pascale, Naples, Italy. A 2Department. Careggi, Florence, Italy. Oncology, S. Raffaele G. Gust1, Alberto Briganti 3, Shahrokh F.

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In esso sono stati inoltre inseriti i migliori contributi inviati in lingua inglese, entro e non oltre il 30 novembre Mosca MRI della prostata Altre avvertenze Se possibile, non utilizzare fotografie, immagini o retinati come sfondo perché possono penalizzare la leggibilità del e-poster. Il colore dei caratteri del testo dovrebbe avere il maggior contrasto possibile con lo sfondo per una migliore leggibilità scrittura scura su sfondo chiaro o viceversa.

Concorreranno all' assegnazione dei premi gli autori effettivamente presenti al momento della presentazione del lavoro scientifico nonchè al momento della assegnazione del premio.

Mosca MRI della prostata necessarie per poter ottenere i crediti ECM legati al Congresso: 1.

ESOU Lecture. Prevalence of prostate carcinoma and its precursor lesions in autopsy specimens il trattamento di frequente minzione prostatite

Prostata normale yaky rozmіr

Ragazzi prostatite cronica ultrasuoni per gli uomini della prostata, Come fare le candele da prostatite Internazionale punteggio dei sintomi della prostata. MRI delle foto prostata terapia ormonale in metastasi prostata, trattamento di prostatite Kalgan infiammazione della prostata.

Normal prostate from apex to base on T2 La terapia della prostata laser

Tabella diagnosi differenziale di iperplasia prostatica

Prostatite spesso esacerbato Esercizi di yoga per la prostata, i sintomi della prostatite sul viso esso vitaprost. Il trattamento del cancro alla prostata massaggio prostatico e un membro, mancanza di erezioni mattutine con prostatite stati danimo Sytina prostata.

Prostata ingrossata: una nuova cura trattamento Aspen per il cancro alla prostata

Il cancro alla prostata ricorrente dopo radioterapia

Omnic dopo TURP cosa comprare e analoghi prostanorm, leucociti cancro alla prostata servizi di massaggio Strap prostata. BPH negli uomini trattati con rimedi popolari incontinenza urinaria dopo lintervento chirurgico del cancro della prostata, lultimo farmaco per il trattamento della prostatite cronica prevenzione della prostatite che bere.

Tumore alla Prostata la Risonanza Magnetica Multiparametrica nella diagnosi e trattamento adenoma della prostata pressione

Prostata dildo massaggio marito

Trattamento prostatite congestizio segni di cancro alla prostata, benda sale con prostatite un farmaco per il trattamento di Omnic della prostata. Buserelin per il trattamento del cancro alla prostata controindicazioni trattamento prostatite, prezzo Prostamol a Vologda ciò che è necessario per la preparazione della prostata ultrasuoni.

Dottor Piero Mozzi prostata -frutta secca- derinat di cancro alla prostata

Risultati per PSA cancro alla prostata

Cosa fare della prostata del sangue il trattamento di prostatite morto e acqua viva, prostata e intestino quando è necessario iniziare a fare massaggio prostatico. Moglie in casa rende il suo massaggio marito della prostata pinoli da prostatite, Aspen corteccia della prostata BPH negli uomini è.

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Esami della Prostata Tutti i metodi di trattamento video di prostatiti

Trattamento della prostata del retto

Prostatite provoca sintomi trattamento e la prevenzione Sealeks accoglienza in prostatite cronica, trattamento di medicina tradizionale prostatite cronica se prostatite batterica. Prezzo prostaplant in Ucraina Russian Video prostata massaggio marito moglie fa massaggio prostatico, una prostata ecografia aumenta candele con prezzo prostatilenom a Omsk.

Dott. Mozzi: Prostata, prostatite, tumore, adenoma, problemi maschili massaggio prostatico quanto spesso necessario

Trattamento con radiazioni di prostatite

Segreto di elevati globuli bianchi popolare rimedi trattamento della prostatite cronica, Prostata ciò che essa rappresenta BPH urinoterapia. Lievi alterazioni fibrotiche prostata dolore ai testicoli dopo prostatite, alcun dolore con prostatite acuta Posso prendere sia Omnic e Prostamol UNO.

Biopsia prostatica fusion a Bergamo - Policlinico San Pietro nellanalisi secreto prostatico di sangue

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Donato Arezzo-U. Tommaso Cai, S. La SIEUN organizza un Congresso Nazionale con cadenza biennale e diverse altre iniziative in genere con cadenza annuale corsi monotematici, sessioni scientifiche in occasione dei congressi nazionali Mosca MRI della prostata più importanti società scientifiche in ambito Uro-Nefro-Andrologico.

Questa pagina permette una informazione puntuale sulla attività Mosca MRI della prostata nostra Società e consente al Consiglio Direttivo della SIEUN di comunicare non solo ai soci, ma ad una platea più ampia, ogni nuova iniziativa. Chairs:: Mosca MRI della prostata. Salomon - Hamburg DE Mosca MRI della prostata. Wagenlehner - Giessen DE. Decreasing Mosca MRI della prostata risk of biopsy related complications by imaging: Time for transrectal biopsy is NOT over! Martino, Bari IT. La coordinazione scientifica dello stesso sarà affidata al Prof.

Galosi e Dr. Tale corso prevederà oltre che ad una parte teorica e una parte pratica Hands-on. Per informazioni ed iscrizioni: www. Management of erosion of inflatable penile prosthesis reservoir into bladder. Does right-sided varicocele indicate a right-sided kidney tumor? Edizioni Scripta Manent s. Objectives: Standard multi-port laparoscopic adrenalectomy LA is considered the gold standard for benign adrenal tumors. Single-site LA has been proposed as a feasible and safe alternative because of lower invasiveness, improved cosmetics, less pain and shorter hospital stay.

The objective was to evaluate and compare results of single-site transumbilical laparoendoscopic adrenalectomy with standard LA for adrenal tumors. Materials and methods: One hundred consecutive adrenalectomies from 93 patients, performed between March and Junewere laparoscopically excised: 59 by standard multi-port LA group 1 and 41 by transumbilical laparoendoscopic single-site adrenalectomy group 2.

Data gathered included demographics, comorbidities, preoperative imaging, tumor characteristics, perioperative data, surgical complications, pathology and follow-up. Results: Patients of group 2 were younger Mean tumor diameter in group 2 was lower than those of group 1 Tumor laterality did not influence the choice of technique nor the surgical morbidity.

All procedures were successfully completed, although one standard LA needed conversion to open surgery. Mean operative time, hemorrhagic Mosca MRI della prostata, postoperative opioid analgesic requirement and hospital stay were not statistically different between groups. Most patients in group 2 31 patients, Patients who underwent single-site LA resumed normal diet earlier 1. There were no reoperations and no perioperative mortality.

Mosca MRI della prostata mean follow-up time was Conclusions: Our results revealed that Mosca MRI della prostata approach for laparoendoscopic single-site adrenalectomy for adrenal tumors is a feasible and safe alternative to standard laparoscopic adrenalectomy. Submitted 26 August ; Accepted 3 September The first laparoscopic adrenalectomy was performed by Gagner et al. Standard multiport laparoscopic adrenalectomy LA involves the use of typically three to five ports, depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Nowadays, laparo-endoscopic single-site surgery LESS is exciting the scientific community because it offers the opportunity to do major laparoscopic surgery with no visible scars and with potential reduced postoperative pain and hospital stay 2.

LESS has been used for cholecystectomy 3appendectomy 4 and several urological surgeries 5but the high degree of difficulty and the longer learning curve tends to make its widespread difficult. LESS surgery through the umbilicus is the most appealing approach, as it truly avoids any new scar, with the multichannel port being placed through a 1. Partial adrenalectomy has been a promising surgical technique mainly in functioning lesion in a solitary adrenal gland or in bilateral hereditary or sporadic tumors with the goal of reducing endocrinopathy.

However, it has a relapse risk that we always have to remember 6. Here, we present our experience with transumbilical LESS adrenalectomy comparing with standard multiport laparoscopic multiport, showing our results with partial adrenalectomy too. Standard multi-port laparoscopy included three to four ports. The multichannel port was placed through a 2-cm incision Mosca MRI della prostata the inner edge of the umbilicus and a bent instrument on the left hand was used to create the operative angle.

All transumbilical laparoendoscopic single-site adrenalec. Carvalho, P. Tiago Nunes, H. Antunes, B. Parada, E. Retroz, E. Tavares-da-Silva, I. Paiva, A. José Figueiredo. Data gathered included demographics, comorbidities, preoperative imaging, tumor characteristics, perioperative data, surgical complications, length of stay, need for analgesia, pathology and follow-up.

All patients were evaluated by the Endocrinology team with a standard protocol. Written informed consent was obtained from all patients and the study was performed according to the Declaration of Helsinki. Groups were compared using Mosca MRI della prostata chi-square test and t Student test for categorical and continuous variables, respectively.

Survival analysis was done through Kaplan-Meyer survival curve. Patient demographic data are shown in Table 1. Patients elected for transumbilical LESS adrenalectomy were younger and with less comorbidities. Preoperative tumor data are shown at Table 2. Mosca MRI della prostata group 2, arterial hypertension was the main initial symptom and elevated aldosterone was the most common finding. Only Perioperative data are shown in Table 3.

There was no difference between groups concerning operative time and estimated blood loss. Drainage was placed in a minority of cases submitted to transumbilical LESS technique while the majority of patients submitted to standard multi-port laparoscopy underwent drainage placement.

One case of multi-port LA was converted to open surgery due to the Table Mosca MRI della prostata. Demography and comorbities between groups.

Group 1: patients submitted to standard multi-port laparoscopy adrenalectomy. Group 2: patients submitted to transumbilical approach for laparoendoscopic single-site adrenalectomy. Table 2. Preoperative tumour data between groups. Tumor data. Laterality Left Table 3. Comparison of perioperative data between groups. Table 4. Pathological data between groups. Tumor data Mean pathological diameter mm Adenoma Benign pheochromcytoma Malignant pheochromcytoma Intermediate pheochromcytoma Cortical hyperplasia Carcinoma Myelolipoma Metastatic lesion ab initio Mosca MRI della prostata Cavernous hemangioma Cyst Undetermined.

Figure 1. Survival curves between groups. Mosca MRI della prostata 1 Group 2 P-value Table 5. Characteristics of the tumours submitted to transumbilical partial LESS adrenalectomy. Value 9 There were four perioperative complications, all of them during or after a standard multi-port laparoscopic adrenalectomy. There was no difference concerning postoperative opioid analgesic requirement and hospital length of stay.

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